Demolishing Rosenblatt Stadium to cost $3 million

Omaha, NE – The Omaha Zoo Foundation estimates it'll cost three million dollars to demolish Rosenblatt Stadium.

Last month, the city of Omaha sold the historic ballpark to the Zoo Foundation for 12 million dollars. Executive Director Calvin Sisson says they'll take possession of the property in early June. But Sisson says Rosenblatt likely won't be demolished anytime soon. "What we're focused on is, is there anything
inside in terms of an asset that maybe we can help recoup some of those costs. We would like to see it come down sooner rather than later, just because of in terms of the zoo's master plan, our whole Gateway to the Wild campaign that we kicked off, that will be used for parking."

Sisson says it could be a year or two before Rosenblatt Stadium is demolished. Right now the Zoo Foundation is taking inventory of everything inside the ballpark and could hold a public auction to sell some items. The city of Omaha has already gathered some of the memorabilia from Rosenblatt.

Omaha Municipal Stadium was built in 1947 and began hosting the College World Series in 1950. It was renamed Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium in 1964. Rosenblatt Stadium was also the longtime home of the Omaha Royals.