Derrick Nero is Headed "Out of This World"

Jul 5, 2013

Derrick Nero, teacher of Inventions and Innovations at Lewis and Clark Middle School, is headed to the “Out of this World” teacher training workshop.

He says the program takes place at Kennedy Space Center in a couple of weeks, and Nero is excited to attend. 

During the workshop, NASA education specialists will train 19 Nebraska teachers on how to share activities and lessons that will inspire their students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, also known as the STEM fields. 

Nero says no matter what you do in life, math is involved.

"Talking about how many hours you slept last night, how many calories you burned playing basketball, etc.  And with myself being a former engineer, I stress to them that they wouldn’t be sitting in the classroom without engineering and they wouldn’t have those great gaming systems at home if it wasn’t for engineering.  So when you take an open-minded look at the world around you, it is all based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.”

Nero says he tries to give students an appreciation of their world and let them know they should not take every day luxuries for granted. 

The “Out of this World” teacher training workshop is funded by the Nebraska Space Grant.  Educators will attend the program July 22nd through the 26th.