Documentary explores issues of race in education

Nov 5, 2013

A documentary showing Tuesday at Film Streams explores issues of race in education.

“American Promise” follows the lives of two young black males for 13 years. Along the way, it explores the issues the young men face in the education system. Doris Moore is founder and CEO of Omaha’s Center for Holistic Development, which focuses on the social and emotional needs of young people.

Moore says the documentary explores real-life issues African-American males face in the education system.

"There are some issues like stereotypical comments that some of the teachers and the staff make about students, kind of a negative attitude by some of the persons in the educational systems that really end up putting a lot of African-American males in special education or behavioral classes."

Moore says the Center for Holistic Development works with community partners on programs addressing issues such as leadership development and the role of parents.

American Promise will be shown Tuesday at 6:30 at Film Streams, with a panel discussion following. More information is available at and