Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine Guest Speaker at Press Club

Jan 22, 2014

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine was the guest speaker at this month’s Noon Forum at the Omaha Press Club.

Douglas County Attorney, Don Kleine

Kleine was first elected to his post in November 2006. 

He is currently prosecuting the case against Nikko Jenkins, who is facing four counts of first-degree murder. 

Kleine discussed what he likes most about his job, as well as the less pleasant aspects of his position. 

When asked about his position on arming teachers in schools, Kleine said he opposes such a measure.

"I don’t see it’s a good idea to say we should have teachers armed in schools.  I would like to think that we haven’t gotten to that point where we need to arm everyone including teachers or doctors in an emergency room or whoever.  I think it poses other issues and problems, such as if something would accidentally happen or the teacher’s gun is taken from them or the teacher isn’t trained in the proper use of deadly force.”

Don Kleine’s presentation will air in its entirety on KIOS, Monday, February 3rd at Noon.