Douglas County creating a High School Citizens Health Advisory Council

Omaha, NE – Douglas County wants to hear from high school students about issues affecting the county's youth.

A High School Citizens Health Advisory Council is being formed. Juniors and Seniors in Douglas County high schools can apply to be part of the council. The goal is to have one junior and one senior from each Douglas County school district on the Advisory Council.

Douglas County Board Chairwoman Mary Ann Borgeson says the Council will be important to addressing issues affecting young people, such as the county's STD rates. "It'll provide us better insight rather than sitting on the outside trying to guess what they're thinking or what they really know, why not go and ask them, and start to talk to them about what are their ideas to reduce it, what are their ideas to help gain knowledge and education for the other students?"

Borgeson says Douglas County wants to have the Council set up by January.