Douglas County Health Department offers advice on testing from private wells

Omaha, NE – The Douglas County Health Department is offering well water testing specifically for residents in the eastern part of the county.

Reid Steinkraus is Supervisor of Sanitation Control. He says if you have a well that is less than 50 feet deep and situated near a flooded area, it could be contaminated. He says it may not be possible for residents to fix this problem until the floodwaters recede. Once that happens, he says residents should disinfect the wells and then have the well water tested by the Douglas County Health Department. Steinkraus says the best course of action for now is to monitor the water, "Monitor smell, color, taste while you are still using that water. If something changes, we would recommend switching to bottled water."

For instructions on how to disinfect a well, the website is For questions about well water testing, the number is 402-444-7485.