Douglas County Health Report Card shows mixed results

Omaha, NE – The Douglas County Health Report card shows improvements in some areas and deficiencies in others.

The Health Report Card is based on several factors, including economics, infant health, childhood obesity, instances of diabetes, and domestic violence. Health Department Director Dr. Adi Pour says 14 percent of Douglas County's 18 to 64 year olds are uninsured. 60 percent of Douglas County residents are overweight or obese, and four people were killed last year in domestic violence situations.

The county's STD rates also remain higher than the national average. Dr. Pour says a new community initiative seeks to bring down the STD rates.

But Dr. Pour points out that more people are exercising and practicing healthy habits. Smoking is down ten percent, and there are fewer deaths from heart disease and stroke.

Dr. Pour says the entire community needs to get involved in practicing healthy habits.