Douglas County looks to move forward with Health Center recommendations

Apr 22, 2013

The Douglas County Health Center Board of Trustees could vote Tuesday to move forward with some recommendations in a report on the Health Center.

The Health Management Associates report looked at the costs of operating the Douglas County Health Center and Community Mental Health Center, and made recommendations for efficiencies. Among the Health Center’s five priorities are to move to electronic health records and convert Assisted Living beds to Long-Term Care ones.

Health Center Administrator Jim Tourville says the priorities will increase revenue and bring down operating costs.

"These priorities are in the overall stages of our management plan and as we go further along in the plan will get more and more detailed. We anticipate revenue to increase as DCHC becomes more marketable and as word gets out about the services that DCHC has to provide and that we are a five-star facility."

The Douglas County Health Center has 254 Long-Term Care beds and 24 Assisted Living ones. 84 percent of the Health Center residents are Medicaid patients.

The Health Center Board of Trustees meets Tuesday morning following the County Board meeting.