Douglas County prepares for primary election

Omaha, NE – The Douglas County Election Commissioner's office predicts 20 percent voter turnout for Tuesday's primary election.

Election Commissioner Dave Phipps says four years ago, primary election turnout was just over 13 percent. It was 23 percent two years ago during the gubernatorial primary. He says early voting has been slow in Douglas County as well.

Phipps says voter enthusiasm at the local level isn't what it is at the national level. He doesn't believe the Nebraska Democratic Party's decision to hold a caucus in February has anything to do with that. He expects record voter turnout in April.

Preparation began four months ago for Tuesday's primary. Phipps says a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation goes in to a primary, including hiring and training poll workers, printing ballots and testing machines, and thousands of little tasks. Phipps says no matter the anticipated turnout, the preparation is the same.

Polls open at eight AM Tuesday and close at eight PM. The Nebraska Secretary of State's Office expects 27 percent voter turnout