Douglas County seeking public input on health improvement plan

May 24, 2013

Douglas County Health officials want to know which health issues are most important to residents.

Health Department Division Chief Mary Balluff says they’re working with Live Well Omaha and area hospitals on a Community Health Improvement Plan. She says the public can contribute to that plan by identifying priorities in a one-question survey.

"We’ve done assessments to know what our health issues are in our community, and we want to move forward now and put some action to some of those issues, so this plan is really to figure out how our community can address health issues that we know are important to our community."

The survey can be found at The survey identifies 11 health issues in Douglas County, including obesity, maternal and infant health, sexual activity, and substance abuse. Participants are asked to choose which of the items should be addressed as top priorities.

The Health Department’s survey is open through May 29. The Community Health Improvement Plan will be presented in October.