Drivers licenses to be issued by mail under new security measures

Omaha, NE – Changes are coming to Nebraska's system of issuing drivers licenses.

Starting July 20th, drivers will no longer receive their license at the DMV the day they renew it. Instead, they'll walk out with a temporary license. The permanent license will be mailed to drivers within five to seven days.

Beverly Neth is Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. She says the changes are an effort to cut down on identity theft and fraud. Neth says a study done by the DMV and the Nebraska Legislature found 12,000 to 24,000 possible cases of fraud within the licensing system. Neth says all licenses will be processed at a central facility, and new photo technology should help mitigate fraud.

The cost of a Nebraska drivers license is going up to $26.50 because of the new system.