Dundee Business District Renovation Project to begin this spring

Feb 12, 2013

Construction is scheduled to begin in April on the Dundee Business District Renovation Project.

The project is expected to take four to five months to complete. When it’s finished, the Dundee Business District will have new streets, sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, and additional parking. Omaha District 1 City Councilman Pete Festersen says it’ll be the first major renovation of the Business District in two decades.

“Dundee is one of the iconic neighborhoods in the entire city, and so I think we’ve gone about developing a model here that included a lot of private funding to get something like this accomplished, and it can be accomplished in many neighborhoods throughout our city that prioritizes its character, and its safety, and its public spaces, and adds parking for businesses.”

Festersen says when the renovations are complete, residents and visitors will see “Dundee, only better.”

The renovation project will cost $2.5 million.