Durham Museum presents a lecture on the tragic voyage of the SS St. Louis

Apr 19, 2012

Herbert Karliner, Philip Freud, Hans Fisher and Sol Messinger will present a special lecture at the Durham Museum on Friday morning at 10:30.

The four men are survivors of the tragic 1939 voyage of the SS St. Louis.  After trying to dock in several countries, including the U.S., the ship was forced to return to Europe.  

Many passengers subsequently found themselves under Nazi rule, and many died as a result. The majority of the passengers that were granted refuge in Great Britain survived the ordeal.  Shawna Forsberg is Director of Marketing for the Durham.

"They’ll obviously talk about the experience but also what happened to them after the war and how things have changed since the war.  And really share an interesting perspective on that time in history.”

The lecture is being offered in partnership with the Institute on Holocaust Education and Creighton University. 

For reservations, the number is 402-444-5071.