East Meets West at Joslyn

Dec 6, 2012

Joslyn Art Museum

A Journey Without End features the work of illustrator and author Ed Young.

The exhibition is on view at the Joslyn Art Museum through December 30th.  Ed Young grew up in China, but also spent considerable time studying in the U.S. as a young man.  

He says many of the books he does are inspired by stories that intrigue him. 

Young says many times, the Chinese stories Americans read are based solely on fantasy.  

He says he would rather introduce real Chinese stories to American readers. 

"There is something very universal about these stories that we can identify with as people in the United States.  I feel that I am a doorway between the East and the West.  I introduce the Far East and Middle East countries’ cultures to Americans.”

A Journey Without End includes more than 40 artworks in all kinds of mediums, including collage, pastel and cut paper.