As Election Day approaches, Presidential candidates focus on strategy to win Iowa

Oct 19, 2012

With less than three weeks until the general election, both presidential candidates will be spending a lot of time in Iowa.

Polling data from Real Clear Politics shows President Barack Obama and his GOP challenger, Governor Mitt Romney, are in a close race in Iowa. The President returned to Iowa Wednesday following the second debate.

Brad Woodhouse, Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee and a surrogate for Mr. Obama’s campaign, says the President’s message will be that he’s the candidate for all Iowans. "Mitt Romney would write off half of Iowans because he thinks they’re dependent, and victims, and the President, who has supported a hundred percent of the state in terms of getting it back on its feet and moving it forward economically, I think the President will take Iowa in the end."

Sarah Pompei, Deputy Communications Director for the Romney campaign, says the campaign will be much more aggressive in Iowa than it has been in the past.  "Iowa is one of the states that helped launch President Obama in the caucuses, and what we’ve seen across the state is people who might have voted for President Obama in 2008 who feel that he just hasn’t lived up to his promises, that he hasn’t been able to achieve what he said he would do, and they’re looking for someone who can make a real difference."

Earlier this year, Governor Romney was declared the winner of the Iowa Caucus. Certified results showed former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum actually won.

The final debate between President Obama and Governor Romney is Monday evening. KIOS will carry NPR’s live coverage of the debate starting at 8pm.