Electronic tax filing recommended this season

Mar 14, 2013

88 percent of Nebraska taxpayers filed their taxes online last year.

Nebraska Tax Commissioner Doug Ewald says some taxpayers will get their refunds later than anticipated this year. He says fiscal cliff concerns, and software issues, meant the Department of Revenue couldn’t start accepting tax returns until about February first. Ewald says that means it’ll take longer for some refunds to get to taxpayers.

"This year, it depends, in previous years it would have been 7 to 10 days, now we're looking at 7 to 21 days depending on the complexity of the return and what's coming in the door by the time we're running tax returns through different fraud and validation checks, if you will, from that standpoint."

Ewald recommends Nebraska taxpayers use e-file, as they’ll receive tax refunds much quicker that way. Taxpayers who file paper returns might not receive refunds for six to eight weeks.