Enroll Nebraska to Help Enroll Thousands of Nebraskans in Health Care Coverage

Sep 3, 2013

Enroll Nebraska is a partnership created to connect organizations with the resources they need so their clients and constituents can gain healthcare coverage.

James Goddard, Director of Health Care Access Programs for Nebraska Appleseed, says Enroll Nebraska will have a website soon.

He says the website will be a good way to disseminate information to the general public. 

Goddard says healthcare reform provides an historic opportunity for Nebraskans to get health insurance.

"We are creating fact sheets.  We are creating a sample outreach plan that an organization could use to try and decide who they want to do outreach for and how they would go about doing it.  We have created a menu of outreach and enrollment activities that organizations could consider to try and find folks and educate them about the changes that are going forward.”

Goddard says educating people is a big task, so Nebraska Appleseed is working together with other organizations to leverage all the resources they have. 

Other organizations participating in Enroll Nebraska include AARP, the Center for Rural Affairs and Legal Aid of Nebraska.