"Random Acts of Poetry" Will Showcase Local Poets at North 24th Street Venues

Sep 11, 2017

Random Acts of Poetry, an annual fundraiser held by the Nebraska Writer’s Collective, takes place this Friday, September 15th, from 7 to 10 p.m.  

Executive Director Matt Mason, says it is a chance to show off their poets and raise money to  fund their programs.    

"So, we pay our coaches, we provide professional training for them, and then these coaches go into schools every week for pretty much the entire school year with our Louder than a Bomb program.  And we also have a program that works in three Nebraska prisons and another program that works with adult professionals. So, we’re doing a lot in the community, with all different age ranges, and so we’re raising money to support all these projects.”

Mason says they are glad to be able to hold this event at four different venues in the recently revitalized 24th and Lake area. He says the first hour and a half they will roam between the Fair Deal Café, the Union for Contemporary Art and Love’s Jazz and Art Center.  The evening will wind up at the Omaha Rockets Kanteen with poetry and dessert followed by a performance by Edem Soul Music.

For tickets and information, the website is or NEwriters on Facebook.