Exelon Nuclear Partners takes over operations of Fort Calhoun Station

Aug 28, 2012

Chicago-based Exelon Nuclear Partners has assumed day-to-day operations at the Fort Calhoun Station.

OPPD and Exelon signed an agreement for the private company to take over operations at the nuclear plant. OPPD still holds the license and owns Fort Calhoun Station.

Spokesman Jeff Hanson says Exelon could operate the plant for up to 20 years.  "This agreement is probably the most efficient way that we know of to bring the plant back on line and make it a safe and cost-effective generator of emission-free electricity."

Exelon employees have been working with OPPD at Fort Calhoun Station since January. The plant shut down last April for refueling. Missouri River flooding and a series of issues kept the nuclear plant offline.

Hanson says the goal is to re-heat Fort Calhoun Station December 1. That wouldn’t re-start the plant, but would allow inspectors to do additional work to prepare for a re-start.