Expanding bicycle and other alternative transit options part of Omaha's Transportation Master Plan

Apr 25, 2012


Expanding Omaha’s bicycle and pedestrian transit system is a key component of the city’s new transportation master plan.

The plan, unveiled Monday, looks at Omaha’s transportation needs over the next 25 years. City officials say there are four goals for the plan, including sustainability, connecting neighborhoods, and providing more options.

Planning Director Rick Cunningham says alternative transportation is a quality of life issue. He says 20 percent of Omahans can't afford to drive to work. Within the next five years, an estimated 65 percent of Omahans want to be able to use public transportation to get to and from work.

Cunningham says the plan also focuses on partnerships with MAPA and Metro Area Transit to improve city bus service. It includes plans for bicycle lanes on Harney Street, Howard Street, and St. Mary’s Avenue in downtown Omaha.

The transportation master plan still must be approved by the Omaha City Council. More information on the plan is available at