Faith, business community representatives call for action on immigration reform

Jul 3, 2014

Three leaders in the business, faith, and legislative community are calling on the U-S House to pass an immigration reform bill.

Earlier this week, President Obama announced he would take executive actions on the immigration issue. While the U.S. Senate has passed an immigration reform bill, the House has not.

Jim Partington is executive director of the Nebraska Restaurant Association. He says four concerns need to be addressed.

"It must strengthen border security, ensure our economy gets the workers it needs, and there must be a simple, efficient, inexpensive system to verify the legal status of potential employees. And last, it must provide immigrants who meet defined standards a path to legal status and eventual citizenship."

Partington’s group is part of the Nebraska Coalition for Immigration Reform. He was joined by Bishop Scott Jones of the Great Plains United Methodist Conference, and State Senator Jeremy Nordquist.

The three called on Nebraska’s U.S. House members to support immigration reform. In a news release on his website, Second District Congressman Lee Terry called the President’s announcement “a partisan speech,” and says laws are already in place to deal with immigration issues.