Feature V Coming in November

Aug 22, 2013

Academy Award-winning director Alexander Payne’s newest film is called NEBRASKA...and it'll be the centerpiece of Film Streams’ Feature V event.

Bruce Dern & Will Forte in NEBRASKA, Courtesy of

Rachel Jacobson, Executive Director for Film Streams, says in the past the event has focused on one guest and their film career. 

Jacobson says Feature V will take place on Sunday, November 24th at the Holland Center.

She says Studio 360 host Kurt Andersen will interview Bruce Dern and Will Forte, who both star in NEBRASKA, as well as Alexander Payne.

"We worked with the Holland Center to create a structure for the event and then we’ve been tweaking it ever since.  The Holland Center has turned out to be the perfect venue for us.  It’s a really fun night and every year people tell me this was the best year ever and that always feels good so I hope it will happen again.”

Jacobson says Film Streams hopes to open NEBRASKA at the theater that weekend since the film opens on Friday, November 22nd.  Ticket options for Feature V are available online.