Field of candidates set for 2009 City Primary election

Omaha, NE – The field of candidates for Omaha Mayor and City Council is set.

Five people are running for Omaha Mayor. Hal Daub, Jim Suttle, Jim Vokal, Randy William Brown and Mort Sullivan are all seeking that position. The Primary election is April seventh, with the General election May 12th.

All but one Omaha City Council seat is contested in this year's City election. The candidates are:

District One: Pete Festersen, Sharon Chvala

District Two: James Montgomery English, Ben Gray, Frank Brown, Cheryl Weston

District Three: Crystal Rhoades, Jim Farho, Brian Buescher, Chris Jerram, Chip Maxwell, Steve Cross

District Four: Joseph Velasquez, Garry Gernandt

District Five: Jon Blumenthal, Jean Stothert

District Six: Franklin Thompson, Walt Peffer

District Seven: Chuck Sigerson

Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps says there's increased interest in this year's City election compared to previous years. He says that's due in part to a wide-open Mayoral race. Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey decided not to seek a third term. He defeated Hal Daub in 2001.

Phipps says Omahans who aren't yet registered to vote must do so by March 21st in order to vote in the April seventh Primary. Early voting begins March 23rd.