"FiFi" arrives in Omaha and welcomes visitors

Aug 19, 2016

Commemorative Air Force's (CAF) iconic Boeing B-29 Superfortress “FiFi” is in Omaha through Sunday as part of the AirPower History Tour.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Cooke

"Fifi,” the only flying B-29 in the world, was found at the Naval Proving Grounds in 1971. The plane started to tour with the CAF in 1974 and is operational. 

Other aircraft on view include a SB2C Helldiver and a C-45 Expeditor.

Visitors can get an up close look at the aircraft, watch them in the air and purchase rides in a few of them. All the aircraft are located at TAC Air (on the far side of Eppley Airfield).

Photo courtesy of Christopher Cooke

Omaha Public Radio’s Christopher Cooke had the opportunity to walk through the B-29 aircraft Thursday and talked with Phil Pardon, media contact for the tour.

Pardon said 3,970 B-29’s were built with the first prototype being flown in 1942. Operation began in 1944 and ceased in 1946.

“The total flying range of the plane is 3,200 miles, 1,500 miles one-way. The B-29 had 11 crew members including a commander, pilot, bombardier, flight engineer, navigator and radio operator, with four gunners situated at the rear of the aircraft,” said Pardon.

Cooke said he had to climb a 10-foot ladder to get into the front of the B-29 and had to use another when exiting the aircraft. This may put restrictions on those who want to see the inside of the aircraft.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Cooke

“The Silver Plate version of the B-29 (one of which was the "Enola Gay") was constructed in Omaha, Nebraska at the Martin Plant. In total, 65 of them were made here,” Pardon said.

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