Film Streams Fall 2017 Line-Up Begins This Weekend

Sep 28, 2017

Film Streams is announcing its fall 2017 line-up, which includes the Forever Young Family and Children’s Series and their repertory programming.  

Patrick Kinney, Communications Director for Film Streams, says both will include selections for Halloween.

The repertory series begins on Tuesday, October 10th with Donna Deitch’s first film, the 1986 Desert Hearts.

The Forever Young Family and Children’s Series begins this Saturday, September 30th, with Tim Burton’s 1988 well-loved movie, Beetlejuice.

“And that will play for a couple of weeks, with a perfectly unhinged Michael Keaton and a very spooky Winona Ryder, followed by The Addams Family Movie, which is sort of the early 90's winkingly post-modern remake, or reboot, of the classic spooky family story.  So, at the tail of that series we will also have some holiday programming, like The Muppet Christmas Carol or It’s a Wonderful Life, both of which are a tradition now with Film Streams.”             

Kinney says the Forever Young Family and Children's Series is designed to introduce new audiences to classic films in a theater setting.  He says thanks to the sponsorship of Woodmenlife, admission for children 12 and under is only $2.50. 

For more information the website is