Film Streams Presents...Alfred Hitchcock

Feb 7, 2014

Film Streams kicks off a series next Thursday that combines world cinema with local musicians.

Director Alfred Hitchcock

Rachel Jacobson, Executive Director, says Alfred Hitchcock’s nine surviving silent films will be screened starting in February. 

Jacobson says the sharpness of images in the films was improved and tinting was restored.  She says the project was a partnership between the British Film Institute and several film studios. 

Jacobson says an original soundtrack for each film will be provided by area musicians.

"Eight of them are going to have musicians playing live accompaniment along with them.  Since they’re silent, there’s no score attached to them and no sound whatsoever so we have live musicians to give it that.  They are all composing their own scores to kind of match the moods of the films and everything else.”

Each of the musicians created their own score for their particular film. 

Downhill from 1927 is first up on Thursday, February 13th at 7:00 p.m.