KIOS-FM connecting mentors and mentees in over 1900 categories of life

Aug 7, 2017 is an online mentor search service with over 1900 different categories available.

Mike Garska, founder of, says the site is designed to encourage people to use mentors in any aspect of life where they are looking to grow. 

Garska says the site is broken down into four primary categories: Career and Business, Education, Spirituality and Life Process. 

Garska says if you can’t find a mentor through face to face interactions, then the web is a good place to look. 

He says offers a resources website page with about 100 other sites that also connect mentees with mentors. 

Garska says there are a few strategies you can use when looking for a mentor.

"Google the type of mentor you’re looking for.  So if you’re looking for a career mentor, type in your specific career and the word mentor.  Don’t be afraid to send out an email or make a phone call.  Prepare yourself.  Write out a script for your phone call or a script for your email.  Run it by somebody else and get some outside opinions before sending it off.”

Garska says it’s also important to identify the traits you want in a mentor.  And it’s a good idea to interview any potential mentors to be sure they are the right fit.

More information is available at