Fireworks, gun amnesty day scheduled for July 20th

Jul 5, 2013

With the Independence Day holiday past, two locations will be open July 20th for disposal of fireworks.

Omaha Police say the upcoming Fireworks Amnesty Day is also a Gun Amnesty Day. Thursday was the last day consumer fireworks could be used legally in Omaha until December 28th, per city ordinance. Friday was the last day for fireworks sales in the Omaha metro area.

The amnesty day will be held July 20th from 9 AM to 3 PM at Seymour Smith Park, at 72nd and Harrison Streets, and at Ambassador Worship Center, at 103rd and Fort Streets. Fireworks, firearms, and ammunition will be accepted at both sites. Several area police departments are participating in the amnesty day, along with the ATF and State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Firearms should be unloaded prior to being turned in. If you’re not sure if the firearm is loaded, or are unable to unload it, you should ask for help before you turn the weapon in.

Amnesty days are an opportunity for the public to turn in weapons, ammunition, or fireworks with no questions asked.