Fischer co-sponsors paid family leave measure

Jul 16, 2014

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer is co-sponsoring a bill that would give tax credits to employers who provide paid family leave.

Fischer is sponsoring the legislation along with Independent Senator Angus King of Maine. To get the tax credit, employers would have to provide at least four weeks of paid family or medical leave. The amount of tax credits would be based on how much hourly leave is provided.

Fischer says the legislation is important to working families.

“Unpaid leave is impossible for many American families, especially the hourly or low-wage workers living paycheck to paycheck. And the last thing a stressed family needs is a smaller paycheck.”

Part-time employees would be eligible for paid family leave, and the leave would be separate from other paid time off, such as vacation days. Fischer says the measure provides “meaningful incentives” for employers to provide paid family leave.

Her comments came Wednesday during the Senator’s weekly conference call with Nebraska media.