Five UNO Grad Programs Rank in Top 20 Nationally

Mar 21, 2012

US News and World Report has ranked five UNO graduate programs in the top 20 nationally.

John Bartle is the Acting Dean for the College of Public Affairs and Community Service at UNO.  He says the rankings show how strong UNO is at the graduate level.  

Bartle says the rankings are done by deans and directors of graduate programs.  Five programs within public administration were recognized, including criminology and criminal justice, social work and business.

"Public Administration has several different fields within it that were recognized, two of which were ranked 6th in the nation.  And for little old UNO to be ranked 6th in the nation, ahead of all kinds of Big 10 and Big 12 places, ahead of Harvard, ahead of Berkley and places like that, I think it’s really quite an accomplishment."

According to its academic peers, UNO ranked 6th nationally in Information Technology Management and Public Finance and Budgeting.