Flooding concerns along the Missouri, Platte rivers

Omaha, NE – The National Weather Service says flooding along the Missouri River is possible through next month.

Flood Warnings are in effect for the Missouri River at Plattsmouth, Nebraska City, Brownville, and Rulo. NWS Valley hydrologist David Pearson says expects those areas to be flooded for a while. "Along the main stem Missouri, the river will stay up for the foreseeable future, certainly it looks like well in to June and I wouldn't be surprised if it stayed elevated into July as well. The Missouri itself has a lot of water yet to move through the system, and it just takes a long time."

Pearson says flooding is also a concern along the Platte River as excess water is released from Lake McConaughy. He says that, combined with this week's rainfall and significant snow pack upstream, elevates the risk of flooding.