Flooding is impacting roads in western Iowa

Omaha, NE – Flooding is impacting roads in western Iowa.

The Iowa Department of Transportation announced Thursday night that the north and southbound lanes of Interstate 29 are closed from mile markers 61 to 71 north of Council Bluffs.

Spokesman Dena Gray-Fisher says IDOT wants drivers to know they may encounter detours so if there's an alternate route they can take, that would be recommended. "Certainly never go behind a closed barricade. Don't move the barricade or any fencing that's there because it's there for your safety. Also, never enter a water covered roadway. Our experience in the past is many times the slabs of pavement are disturbed, gone. It could be undermined. The roadway is just entirely not safe. You don't know what you're going to encounter."

Gray-Fisher says IDOT has established a temporary customer service phone line for information on flooded roadways. The number is 866-452-8510. To report a flooded roadway, drivers are asked to call 911.