Flooding risk in parts of Nebraska, Iowa this spring

Omaha, NE – Northeast Nebraska and much of Iowa face a "highly elevated risk" of significant flooding this spring.

That's according to Nebraska state climatologist Al Dutcher. Northeast and eastern Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas already have an abundance of moisture due to heavy snow. Dutcher says an abundance of rainfall in those areas could add to an already elevated flooding risk. "We're seeing continued snow melt presently plus we have a rather aggressive storm system working its way in to the central Plains, it looks like it's going to generate potential for an inch to two inches of precipitation over the next three to four days.," Dutcher says. "So all of these in combination are going to increase or cause flooding concerns across the western portion of the Corn Belt."

Dutcher says there's a risk of flooding in the Omaha area as well due to rain and ice jams. He says little surface drying this week will only make conditions worse in some areas.

The National Weather Service's Valley office says minor lowland flooding is possible in areas along the Elkhorn River due to ice jams.