Flu clinics are well underway at the VNA office

Oct 11, 2017

The Visiting Nurse Association is offering Flu Immunization Clinics at its office at 125th and West Center Road.

Cindy Ruma, Immunization Coordinator for the VNA, says once again, the FluMist will not be used as a vaccine so the shot is your only option.  

Ruma says even if you’re fearful of getting a flu shot, you should get one. 

She says the height of the flu season is generally considered late November through mid-March though random cases have been popping up in Omaha already. 

Ruma says this year’s immunization protects against four flu strains.

"CDC recommends everyone over the age of six months gets a flu shot.  That’s number one.  So really come prepared that everybody should get their flu shot.  There is some suggestion because there were really bad outbreaks in the southern hemisphere this year that this could be a rough flu season.  I know we kind of wonder every year but this year could be a bit more cases than we’ve expected or seen in the past.”

Ruma says if you end up sick with the flu despite having had the flu vaccine, you will at least be sick a shorter number of days and the illness will be less severe. 

There are several preventative steps you can take to protect yourself including keeping your hands clean, staying home when you don’t feel well and covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.

For more information on the VNA Flu Immunization Clinics, the website is