Focus group to examine quality of health care veterans receive

Apr 17, 2012


A forum Wednesday in Papillion focuses on the health care needs of veterans.

The veterans’ focus group is one of 25 such meetings the American Legion’s System Worth Saving Task Force is holding throughout the U.S. At each location, they’re talking with veterans about the quality of health care they’re receiving, and if it meets their needs.

Jacob Gadd, Deputy Director of Health Care for the American Legion, says the task force has found a number of issues with the quality of health care provided to veterans, including long wait times, a shortage of doctors, and infrastructure concerns. He says conditions have improved since the task force was formed in 2003.

Gadd says Legion officials also found problems when it came to mental health care along with physical care. He says Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the second most commonly diagnosed condition among veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars after musculoskeletal injuries.

The focus group is open to all veterans. More information is available at