Following Tax Dollars Online

Jan 22, 2013

Douglas County residents have a way to follow their tax dollars online.

Tom Cavanaugh, Douglas County Clerk Comptroller, says a list of payments made with county taxpayer dollars during the 2012 calendar year is available online. 

He says county taxpayers made approximately $141 million in payments last year. 

Cavanaugh says his office is responsible for keeping all the paperwork as to what each payment went for, when it was paid, and the documentation that backs it up. 

"The citizens, the people that pay the taxes, pay the bills, are able to watch not only how much we spend annually but also how much we spend every week.  We list on our website the payments that are made and approved by the County Board every Tuesday.”

Cavanaugh says his office has received positive feedback about the listing, specifically about its accountability and transparency. 

The listing of county taxpayer payments for 2012 is available online here.  Once on the website, click calendar year supplier payments.