Fontenelle Elementary Supports Healthy Living for All

Sep 17, 2013

Fontenelle Elementary joined the Partners for a Healthy City Program because they wanted to create a healthy environment for staff, students and the community.

Principal Eric Nelson believes it’s important to start teaching kids healthy habits at a young age. 

Nelson says about 500 kids a day take advantage of the school’s Grab ‘N Go breakfasts. 

He says they also have a walking club, fresh fruits and vegetables and a Boltage Program that motivates kids to walk and bike to school. 

Nelson says kids need to be healthy in order to teach them.

"They need to be here every day and not be sick.  Their minds need to be in the game when they get here.  When we started our breakfast program, the attendance was great and kids were here on time.  They are in their classrooms eating breakfast and learning a lot earlier than they were before so we have bell-to-bell learning.”

Nelson says since implementing the breakfast program, students are not going to the nurse anymore complaining about being hungry. 

He says a lot of the factors that go into the everyday wellness of our kids will benefit them in the long run.

Nelson says he promotes staff wellness too because if teachers aren’t physically and mentally healthy, their students won’t be either.