The Fontenelle Park Concept Plan is sponsored by the City of Omaha's Parks, Recreation

Dec 29, 2011

Omaha, NE – Work continues on the Fontenelle Park Master Plan.

Melinda Pearson is the Director of Omaha's Parks and Recreation Department. A public input meeting took place on December 15th. Pearson says the city will now take all the information they've received so far and put that into a plan or a couple of plans and bring those back to a public meeting in early February. Pearson says there are two groups: one that feels the golf course should be left as is, and another that is all over the board.

"A lot of people want walking paths and trails. Some of the runners from North High are currently running on broken up asphalt and they go out into the street when they do their cross-country running and so a lot of the students have really wanted to see more active recreation in the park. Certainly a bigger pond has been on everybody's wish list."

Pearson says discussions about what to do with Fontenelle Golf Course came about because the course loses as much money as the city's other three nine hole golf courses combined. So, the city wondered whether the area might be better served as a park than a golf course.