Food-borne illness sickens 35 in Nebraska

Jul 13, 2013

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The number of confirmed cases of a rare food-borne illness in Nebraska has climbed to 35 as state and federal public health agencies try to figure out where it's coming from.

An outbreak of cyclosporiasis (sy-kloh-spor-EYE'-uh-sis) is confined mostly to Douglas County in eastern Nebraska and is likely linked to Iowa where 45 people were confirmed sick as of Friday.

Nebraska Epidemioloist Doctor Thomas Safranek says fresh vegetables are likely the culprit but the investigation continues.

Consumers should wash fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of getting the illness, which causes diarrhea lasting an average of 57 days. It's caused by a parasite carried in human or animal feces that contaminates food.

The illness is rare in Nebraska. No cases were reported in the last four years.

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