Foreign policy the focus of final Presidential debate

Oct 22, 2012

The final debate before the 2012 presidential election happens Monday night.

The debate between President Barack Obama and his GOP challenger, Governor Mitt Romney, will focus on foreign policy.  Among those in attendance at Monday's debate will be Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, an Iraq War veteran and the son of Vice President Joe Biden.

During an interview Monday afternoon, Biden told KIOS the President kept his promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "On Iraq, the President has withdrawn our troops in a responsible way, Governor Romney called that a tragic mistake. On Afghanistan, the President has put us on a path to hand over authority and let the Afghan government decide matters for themselves. On that, Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan say, well, it depends."

Sarah Pompei, spokeswoman for Governor Romney’s campaign, anticipates Romney’s remarks will focus not just on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but also on what the campaign says are President Obama’s plans to cut defense spending. "It’s not good for our troops on the ground, it’s not good for our economy, it’s not good for our national defense. And Governor Romney’s going to do what he did in Massachusetts, which is bring people to the table, bring everyone together, and figure out a way to reduce spending but not in any way put our national defense or our national security at risk in doing so."

KIOS will carry NPR’s coverage of the final Presidential debate. It begins at 8pm.

The election is 15 days from Monday.