Former Congressional candidate running for Nebraska Legislature

Aug 16, 2013

A former candidate for the Second Congressional District says he’s running for the Nebraska Legislature.

Brett Lindstrom announced his candidacy Thursday.  He was a challenger to Second District Congressman Lee Terry in the 2012 election. Lindstrom is running for northwest Omaha’s District 18 seat in the Unicameral. He says he wants to focus on Nebraska’s tax system, and feels three taxes, including the income tax, should end.

"One would be the death tax, and thirdly would be the social security tax. We’re taxing our senior citizens, we want them to stay here, and when we tax them obviously they’re going to go to other places where it’s advantageous to live in states where there is no social security tax. So those things being a fiscal conservative that I would like to tackle down at the Legislature."

District 18 is currently represented by Senator Scott Lautenbaugh, whose term ends in 2014. Lindstrom says his campaign will be a grassroots effort. He’s hired Mayor Jean Stothert’s former campaign manager for his campaign.