Former Nebraska Governor Bob Kerrey says no to run for U.S. Senate

Feb 7, 2012

A UNO political scientist says former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey’s decision not to seek the Democratic nomination for Ben Nelson’s seat will make it difficult for the state Democratic party to field a viable candidate.

Kerrey, who’s also a former Nebraska Governor, announced Tuesday he won’t run for Senate. Paul Landow, who teaches political science at UNO, says that makes a contested U.S. Senate race unlikely.“Without Kerrey in the race, a Democrat who has not spent any time yet fundraising or building a campaign team and does not have much name recognition is going to have a real uphill battle.”

He anticipates the Nebraska Democratic Party will pick a candidate for the Senate race. But Landow says that person would have a difficult campaign ahead with the Nebraska primary approaching in May.

Landow says it’s difficult for a Democratic candidate to run and get support statewide. The filing deadline is March first for non-office-holders. For current office-holders, the deadline is next Wednesday.