Forum focuses on workplace culture, ethics, and male leaders

Nov 19, 2013

The Institute for Career Advancement Needs is holding a forum Wednesday in Omaha for male business leaders.

The theme of the conference is “Play Big: A Competitive Advantage.” This is the second annual men’s leadership forum.

ICAN spokeswoman Allison Schorr says the forum focuses on issues of ethics, leadership, and the changing workplace culture.

“The longtime standard of men being in most of the leadership roles in an organization, there’s kind of two things happening. I think that continues to occur, but also there’s an opportunity where women are rising up in the ranks, and more women are entering the workforce. And so as the business culture and the evolution of business and social structure continues to change, I think leadership is always a great thing to focus on.”

This year’s keynote speakers are Creighton University Athletic Director Bruce Rasmussen, and Craig Moody, co-owner of Verdis Group.

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