The Founder of Homeboy Industries is coming to Omaha this week

Omaha, NE – Father Greg Boyle, Jesuit priest and founder of Homeboy Industries, will lead a consultation on microenterprises on Thursday afternoon and present a lecture Thursday night at Metro.

Reverend Howard Dotson is helping coordinate the events. He says Homeboy Industries began 20 years ago in East L.A. with the purpose of taking former gang members recently released from prison and helping rehabilitate them. Reverend Dotson says he hopes local intervention prevention and workforce development specialists are able to replicate the model in North and South Omaha where there are constant challenges due to gang violence. He says Homeboy Industries encourages gang members to, "remove the tattoos and helps puts them into workforce development, giving them job skills that match their skill level because the tagline for Homeboy Industries is 'Jobs, not Jail'. When these guys and gals come out of prison, if there's not a community and a sense of hope, many of them end up going back into prison because they end up being engaged in gang activity."

Father Boyle will lead a consultation from 1:00 to 4:00 at Creighton this Thursday. Additionally, he will give a lecture Thursday night at 7:00 at Metro Community College's South Omaha Campus. Reservations are not required.