Fr. Timothy Lannon begins his tenure as president of Creighton University

Omaha, NE – Creighton University's new president says he'll spend his first month on campus listening to what faculty and students want for the university.

Father Timothy Lannon began his presidency at Creighton Monday. He takes over for Father John Schegel, who retired in June after 11 years as Creighton's president.
Fr. Lannon, who graduated from Creighton in 1973, says it's a privilege to now be leading his alma mater. "When I talk with other presidents, very few, if any, who are graduates of the institutions they lead, many if not all of them have said to me what a marvelous situation and it is marvelous indeed for me. So for me, it's a privilege to be back as president."

Lannon says Creighton faces the same challenges as every other university: how to make education accessible, affordable, and accountable. He says Creighton is well-positioned for growth in its graduate education programs.

Lannon previously served as president of St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia for eight years.