Ft. Calhoun nuclear station to undergo multiple inspections before reopening

Omaha, NE – Omaha Public Power District officials say the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station will undergo several inspections before reopening.

OPPD and Nuclear Regulatory Commission representatives met Wednesday in Omaha about the post-flood future of the Fort Calhoun plant. It's been closed since April for refueling. NRC officials say the plant will be evaluated in four areas and all flood control items will be removed before the plant reopens.

Dave Bannister, Vice President of OPPD's nuclear division, says they've added several reinforcing measures at the plant to keep it safe from flooding. "We've added a number of contingency backup systems, which included a third emergency diesel generator, two additional fuel storage tanks, and these are large tanks with over 7,500 gallons of fuel in each tank, several engine-driven pumps that can provide makeup water or remove water from an area if it need be, and an additional fire truck."

Bannister says in addition to the NRC inspections, there will be independent oversight and review of OPPD's action plan before Fort Calhoun reopens.

Two inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have been at Fort Calhoun providing round-the-clock inspection since early June.