Gandhi's Grandson presented the Asian World Center Presidential Lecture at Creighton

May 18, 2012

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson was the guest speaker at Creighton University’s Asian World Center Presidential Lecture.

Rajmohan Gandhi's lecture, “Larger than Politics, the World of Lincoln, King and Gandhi,” took place last month in the Harper Center. 

Gandhi says when he picked the title of his talk; he didn’t intend to talk about the three leaders’ capacities in areas other than politics.  

But he says the goals of these three men went beyond capturing office or power.

"Affected by the hardships and humiliations of human beings, these three responded to a tough challenge by pitting their deepest impulses against it.  In each case, these impulses were moral rather than political.  Although all three were also gifted with considerable astuteness.  We know too that in each case, the moral drives of these three invited mortal enmity.”

Creighton University President Timothy Lannon and Omaha Mayor Mike Suttle presented Gandhi a key to the city at the lecture. 

Rajmohan Gandhi’s presentation will air in its entirety this summer on KIOS-FM, Omaha Public Radio.