Gas Prices on the Rise

Mar 7, 2012

Motorists may have noticed a recent increase in gas prices in the metro area. 

John Deskins, Associate Professor of Economics at Creighton University, says there’s no need to worry.  Though he does anticipate gas prices will rise in April, May and June as they usually do when summer approaches, he expects the prices will also decrease by fall.  

According to Deskins, it is difficult to pinpoint one specific reason for the recent run up in gas prices.

"The US economy has been improving.  We had strong growth in the 4th quarter and there’s a decent enough optimism now, for example, reflected in stock prices.  That makes people believe the world economy is going to grow more strongly and that will push up gas prices.  And there’s some concern there could be a supply disruption coming from Iran.  They’re a big oil producer so if there’s a supply disruption, that could certainly drive up oil prices.”

According to AAA’s fuel gauge report, the average price of a gallon of regular gas in Nebraska was $3.74 yesterday.