The Gem of Arabia at Omaha Press Club

Feb 15, 2013


Dr. Chris Allen, UNO Professor and past Omaha Press Club President was the guest speaker at January’s Noon Forum.

Dr. Allen taught in Oman from September 2011 to June 2012. 

He was there on a Fulbright Grant.  During the presentation, Dr. Allen showed slides and talked about life in the Islamic country located on the Saudi peninsula. 

He said what he didn’t realize when he went to Oman was how modern the country is.

"One person told us that Oman is a third world country wrapped in a first world veneer.  It still has some third world problems but it is a very modern country.  And the Sultan has made sure that it has become a very modern country.”

Dr. Chris Allen’s presentation, “The Gem of Arabia” will air on Monday, March 4th at Noon on KIOS.