Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska Debuts Direct Sale Cookie Program

Jan 6, 2012

The Girl Scouts are launching a direct sale program this year. When Girl Scout Cookies go on sale January 13th, the girls will have boxes of cookies in hand. Theresa Cassaday is the Chief Communications Officer for Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska.

She says the direct sale cookie program helps the girls develop essential skills including goal setting, money management and decision making. She says the Girl Scout Cookie Program is the primary fundraiser for the year and 100% of the proceeds stay in Nebraska.

"This is where they raise their money for their activities throughout the year. So each girl gets a portion of the proceeds from every box of cookies that she sells. That money goes into a troop account and then that troop is allowed to use that money to go on field trips and participate in Girl Scout activities and really do whatever they like with those funds."

The 2012 Girl Scout Cookie Program runs January 13th through February 26th.

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